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About Building My Table, LLC


Building My Table, LLC is a community consultant firm offering a broad range of services for individuals and the community to empowering them to build themselves to reaching their full potential of becoming the best of themselves that they can be. We will strive to become a recognized partner and leader in the community-known for providing tools and support needed to fulfilling individual and community needs for one to build one’s table.  


 Our vision is that Building My Table, LLC will help break personal and professional barriers in individuals and the community through workshops, groups, and programs by providing support for one to build their table individually (strengthening self esteem, building credit, finding your niche, strengthening families) and community building by providing effective training for community agencies (establishing and maintaining boundaries when interacting when providing services to the community, reducing compassion fatigue, establishing realistic goals etc).  



Building My Table, LLC promote personal and community empowerment through workshops and programs consisting of topics including mind/ body/ spiritual Wellness and empowerment, parenting support and finding your niche to supporting your future. Building My Table, LLC further provide resources for community development.

Building My Table, LLC further promotes services providers and  Community Agencies the ability to effectively engage with members of the community through effective training such as identifying mental health, effective communicating, setting realistic goals, motivational interviewing, establishing and maintaining boundaries and cultural sensitivity. Furthermore, increase  staff morale, self care, reducing compassion fatigue and burn out


CEO Background

Carman Wilkins-CEO of Building My Table, LLC

Carman Wilkins a native of Washington, DC and a mother of 3 children. Carman grew up in a single parent household dealing with many generational obstacles. Her family plays a vital role in the Ward 7 community. Carman worked and engaged in the community with clients who are experiencing generational cycles such as relying on governmental assistance, limited housing, minimum to no employment, parenting, and limited education, mental health barriers, lack of financial literacy and many other societal barriers. Carman received her Bachelor’s of Psychology from Johnson C Smith University (2003) then went on to obtain her Master’s of General Studies in Human Behavior at Capella University (2015). She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in General Studies in Human Behavior at Capella (expected graduation 2019). Carman worked with many influential agencies in the mental health and housing field as a Case Manager and Housing program manager. Carman decided to venture out and become more effective in the community by starting Building My table to break the barriers by empowering the residents as well as providing effective training for community agencies engaging with the residents to build their personal table of success. Carman currently serve on the Board of Directors for East of the River Family Strengthening Collaborative Agency.